Homelessness in it’s most basic form.

Typically when people think of homelessness they think of older men or women living in dirty clothes and living under bridges. In reality homelessness is a lot more common than a lot of people think. In Australia there are over 105,000 (about 0.5% of our population) people who are considered homeless.

But what is homelessness? Well there are multiple definitions of homelessness which varying degrees of severity. The most commonly thought of idea of homelessness is primary homelessness. This often refers to people who have no shelter and commonly live on the street. This can also refer to people who have temporary housing in homeless shelters but don’t actually have anywhere permanent. Secondary homelessness refers to people who live in unstable housing, either people that move a lot or are living in caravans and illegal camping zones.

Of course these two definitions are quite broad and do not give us much detail of the common conditions facing either of these categories of people but that’s what I hope to explore with this blog.


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